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FAQ - Special Educational Needs

Below are the submitted questions and answers.

Question 1


Do you have many enquiries about RE and Faith Development for children with Autism and/or severe and complex learning disability? If so, you may like to know that I have been able to write a book through a National Society RE and Special Needs Fellowship. 'Connecting with RE' is to be published in September and I hope it will reach all those who are working with such children and that they will find it useful! I would also be interested in networking with others in this field. Thank you.

(Liz O'Brien, 16/07/02)

Question 2


I would like to run a course for 'S schools'on a multi-sensory approach to Religious Education. Could you recommend materials for workshop sessions?

(John Ferguson, 03/05/02)

Question 3


Do you have example of RE units/lessons used with success in Special Schools (across the spectrum EBD/MLD/SLD/PMLD)?

(Charlotte Gravestock, 19/04/03)

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