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FAQ - Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education

Below are the submitted questions and answers.

Question 1


In the absence of our SACRE support officer due to a family bereavement, I have been asked to service our next SACRE meeting in Walsall on Weds evening. One of the agenda items is 'Update on the Statutory Roles and Responsibilties for SACRE.' Can you let me know where to find the latest guidance? (Tim German, 13/10/03)

Question 2


As a SACRE in an authority without an RE Adviser, how can we best advise schools on the status and value of the QCA schemes of work for RE? ( Contributor, 22/02/04)

Question 3


I've been approached by a UNISON representative who wanted to propose that we had a rep. for teaching assistants on our SACRE. I've never heard of this being done, and Circular 1/94 does say 'representatives of teachers' should be included. Does anyone else have any experience of this? Obviously 1/94 is rather out of date in certain respects, and the role of TAs has changed enormously in the last 11 years. Of course they don't have the responsibilities nor the training and expertise of teachers, but on the other hand some schools are apparently using TAs to deliver RE in PPA time.

(Sarah Smalley, 15/11/05)

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