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FAQ - Inspections

Below are the submitted questions and answers. It is important to note when looking at this archive that the inspections system has changed over the years. Check the section in the members or public sections on self-review as well as the OfSTED website.

Question 1


I have been teaching short-course RS to all KS4 students for the last 2 years on 1 lesson of 60 minutes/week. For reasons of economy (it is almost as expensive as a full course) and perceived value (it makes no contribution to the league tables) - this has been scrapped.

RS is now to be delivered on 1 lesson/fortnight (the other lesson being given over to Citizenship). Full course RS was offered in the option column but the take-up was too small to go ahead (there is a minimum requirement of 15)

How will this be judged by OFSTED? Will we automatically be deemed to be unsatisfactory or failing? I am extremely anxious about this and would appreciate your views.

(Janet Billinge, 31/10/03)

Question 2


I wonder if you could help me in giving me an explanation in the way that course work assessment works in the RE subject in the upper secondary school (either GCSE level or sixth form) in England.

Alternatively or in addition I would appreciate a link to web-sites that explain it further. Are there any national guidelines or requirements attached to it? As you see my knowledge of the matter is rather small, so I would appreciate any further assistance.

(Anne [Aud-Mari] Langegard,19/05/02)

Question 3


As a voluntary aided establishment, my school is about to undergo a ‘section 23’ inspection. What are the most important things the school needs to prepare for?

(Contributor 22/04/02)

Question 4


Will RE be included under the new inspection arrangements?

(Contributor, 16/06/03)

Question 5


Are there still special inspection arrangements for voluntary aided schools?

(Contributor, 18/04/04)

Question 6


I am a part-time primary school teacher in a non-denominational school. I have just been made Subject Leader of RE. Please can you tell me what questions I will be asked by an Ofsted Inspector? I am a confirmed atheist. Do you think anyone will have a problem with this?

(Elaine, 04/11/04)

If you have a question realting to inspections please e-mail us.