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Below are the submitted questions and answers.

Question 16


Can you recommend a good website or publication that deals with religious symbols please? I'm looking for something that goes beyond the most familiar symbols for the six major faiths.

(Lesley Robins, 10/11/02)

Question 17


I was an active member of AREIAC in London but since moving to Liverpool I seem to have been 'cut off'. I don't receive any e-mails or newsletters and cannot find out when the nearest AREIAC meetings are taking place.

(Joy White - 27/10/02)

Question 18


Where is the best practice in using the Harry Potter stories in RE?

(Roger Howarth 11/10/02)

Question 19


Could you let me know how much your 'effective leadership in RE' book costs? Also, if my student teachers want to buy copies (could be over quite a few!), is there a special rate?

(Claire Fernadez 20/09/02)

Question 20


Is it going to be compulsory to assess Year 9 pupils according to the level descriptors as from this academic year? I've heard it is but can't find it written anywhere.

(Rachel Priest 02/09/02)

Question 21


Can you give me any up to date advice regarding RE teaching at the foundation stage - the reception teachers in our primary school are seeking information from me as RE co-ordinator but since we are about to produce another agreed syllabus I am unsure what to advise.

(Jane Stinson 02/09/02)

Question 22


My church school has a sixth form. How much time in the sixth form timetable must be given to non-exam RE? Are there any accreditation schemes for non-exam sixth form RE? What should be covered by a sixth form RE programme?

(Gill O'Neill 09/07/02)

Question 23


I am a student teacher and have been set the following assignment: "Analyse what you would look for in a quality KS1 RE lesson". Where do I start looking?

(Tricia Griffiths 06/05/02)

Question 24


I'm currently undertaking a Farmington fellowship at the Westhill RE Centre. My chosen area of focus is RE and Literacy. Have AREIAC published anything recently in this area? I'm particularly interested in using texts and story with KS2. I would be grateful for any information you may have.

(Farley Marsh 06/05/02)

Question 25


Assessment seems to be a big problem area with R.E. I find it very difficult to 'assess' where a child is, in relation to Religious education. I teach Year 2 and am also the R.E. co-ordinator. I would be very grateful for any ideas on assessing children in R.E.

(Kay Ford 30/04/02)

Question 26


We are planning a RE Advisers' residential in October 2002 and one of our main areas in 'target setting'. Could you recommend any relevant materials to use as 'templates' or indeed a speaker who we may approach to lead a workshop?

(John Fergusson 28/04/02)

Question 27


After Easter I am beginning a ten week teaching practice at a school in North Devon. As part of our RE syllabus we will be covering Christianity in Action. I was hoping you may have information packs, brochures, pamphlets or any other information that I can use as a resource in our classroom. Could you send me as much information as you have.

(Contributor 22/04/02)

Question 28


There are 'levels' for assessment purposes for the national curriculum subjects - does the same thing exist for RE too?

(Contributor 22/04/02)

Question 29


I have been sent minutes of the recent RE focus group meeting for Plymouth which I was unable to attend, unfortunately. It states that this website has "levels in 'kidspeak'" based on levels in the latest agreed syllabus or, perhaps, based on QCA levels. I cannot seem to find this on your website - help??

(Contributor 08/01/02)

Question 30


As a newly appointed RE co-ordinator I'm wondering whether the school should follow the Diocesan material alone or can it be used alongside QCA and LEA material to produce a school scheme of work?

(Contributor 13/07/02)

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