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Below are the submitted questions and answers.

Question 1


I have been teaching short-course RS to all KS4 students for the last 2 years on 1 lesson of 60 minutes/week. For reasons of economy (it is almost as expensive as a full course) and perceived value (it makes no contribution to the league tables) - this has been scrapped. RS is now to be delivered on 1 lesson/fortnight (the other lesson being given over to Citizenship). Full course RS was offered in the option column but the take up was too small to go ahead (there is a minimum requirement of 15) How will this be judged by OFSTED? Will we automatically be deemed to be unsatisfactory or failing? I am extremely anxious about this and would appreciate your views.

(Janet Billinge, 31/10/03)

Question 2


I would really like to see a sample of tasks that could be used to help assess pupils attainment at each level. I know some LEAs have produced their own papers, but a central resource of generic tasks would be very valuable. Is there any possibility that such material might be made available? Or if it is already out there, could you point me in the right direction?

(Marie Therese, 25/09/03)

Question 3


I am directing a project to develop RE resources focusing initially on Jesus' Parables. Can you give me any information on other resources on the market (books, videos etc) that deal specifically with the Parables, or with the historical and cultural context of Jesus? Also, which Key Stage do you think resources on this topic would be most appropriate for?

(Felice Kuin, 13/07/03)

Question 4


I am a student in English (I am in my third year) I am planning to be an English teacher. I have to write a paper on religion in state schools, I went through your web sites and wondered if you could help me with this paper.

I know that England, Ireland and Scotland have their own parliament so I guess that each have their own laws for education. I was wondering if you could tell me what were the main differences between England, Ireland and Scotland concerning the teaching of religion. ( deference in the law and in the practices ) but also the difference according to the type of schools (both denominational or non denominational).

My paper is an important element for the success of my third year this is why I decided to turn myself towards professionals yet I will ask you to be as objective as possible. The purpose of this paper is neither to promote nor to criticize religion in schools but to present it as it is. I am supposed to give a scientific analysis of the subject.

(Anne Catherine Le Couls, 13/07/03)

Question 5


I am doing an assignment on whether religious artefacts are a useful resource for teaching RE. Do you think that they foster an attitude of revernace if children are allowed to handle and touch them like any ordinary object in the classroom? I would be very grateful for your opinion.


Question 6


I have been teaching about the Free Churches and I have read on the Methodist church web site that two thirds of all services are conducted by lay preachers - could you tell me who leads the services in other free churches please.

(Catherine Lane, 14/03/03)

Question 7


What do you feel is the right answer to being religiously educated today?? do you think it begins and ends in schools or do you feel it goes further than that? is there a place for religious education in modern society?

I am a student doing a teaching degree specialising in religious studies and feel these are important questions to be answered. I would appreciate a response. (Lincolnshire student, 26/02/03)

Question 8


I am currently researching into why paganism isn't taught in schools. Can you please give me any information why this is so?

(Enharmaiel, 26/02/03)

Question 9


I am very interested in RE advisory work etc. Can you please give me any pointers. Many thanks.

(Mrs Samreena Kamran, 26/02/03)

Question 10


I have just been appointed RE co-ordinator in my primary school with the remit to produce an up to date RE policy. We are a VA school and will follow newly produced diocese SoW. Where will I look to formulate policy?

(Ann Willows, 28/01/03)

Question 11


There seems to be some confusion over whether RE is a core subject or not. I have been informed that RE is a core subject, but I cannot find any documentation on it - have I been looking in the wrong places?!

(Claire Fernandes, 22/01/03)

Question 12


I am currently writing a dissertation on the gender imbalance within Religious Education and I was directed to your website by a teacher who said you had published a report on why boys are not keen to study R.E. I was wondering how I could get hold of this report. I hope you can help

(Alex Finlayson, 20/12/02)

Question 13


A teacher has asked me how to go about gaining 'hands on' experience with teaching about all faiths. She would like to visit multi-faith schools where the culture is varied and therefore the RE is varied. I am not sure how to advise her.

(Jo McGuire, 25/11/02)

Question 14


I am a student studying teacher training. As part of my course i am required to write an essay justifying why we teach RE in the primary school i wonder if you could give me your views.

(Sarah Illidge, 22/11/02)

Question 15


A member of staff is interested in 'Taking Religious Education forward in your school' which I believe is produced by AREIAC. Please can you tell me how much this title costs and where I can buy it from? (Judith Graham, 18/11/02)

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