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England: The North-East

  • Foster, Sue - SACRE, Church School, Governor, Support for AST, Headteacher Support, NQT
  • Holmes, Sue - Coll Wor, Church Schools, SIAS, Christian Ethos, Creativity, Environment, Visits
  • Passmore, Karenza - Film and Faith, Holocaust education, Interfaith, SMSC
  • Uzzell, Jenny - Improving Examination Results, Inter-faith education

England: Transpennine-East / West

England: East Midlands & East Anglia

  • Hopkins, Paul - ICT and Technology, Pedagogy, Film and Faith, e-learning, ITE, HEIs
  • Ward, Sue - Enquiry Learning, Spirituality, Raising Ach., Contentious Issues, Coll Wor, Assessment
  • Wright, Kathryn - Enquiry Learning, P4C, AfL, Pedagogy, Spiritual Dev, Creativity, CofE schools

England: West Midlands

  • Daniels, Roger - Leadership, NQTS, Thinking Skills, SACRES, World Religions
  • Furlong, Joan - Church Schools, Christian Distinctiveness, Coll Worship, SIAS
  • Moss, Fiona - Learning from Religion, Thinking Skills
  • Pollard, Lesley - Creativity, Thinking Skills, Assessment, Arts, Drama, Spiritual Development

England: London & the South-East

  • Casley, George - LOtC, 6th form, Indian Religions, Management of RE, HEIs, Ind. Schools
  • Clinton, Claire - Assessment, Coll Wor, Creativity, Drama, Godly Play, Govs, P4C, Sc&Rel +
  • Viner, John - School Imp, Teaching, Leadership Church Schools; Inspection; Teacher Ed

England: The South-West

  • Dodds, Pauline - Spirituality, CPD Headteachers, CPD Governors, Church Schools
  • Keast, John - Policy, Curriculum development, inter faith matters
  • Holloway, Derek - Collective Worship, SIAS Inspections, Chaplaincy in Secondary Schools
  • Holloway, Verity - Collective Worship, Sex & Relationships Ed, Spirituality, Active Listening
  • Francis, Dave - Agreed Syllabus, Creativity, Pedagogy, Exams, SD, Buddhism and others ...


Northern Ireland

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